Champaign NOAA Weather Radio

Click one of the links below to listen to an audio stream of the WXJ-76 NOAA weather radio station in Champaign, IL which broadcasts on 162.550 MHz.

Alternate link: (for use in iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC)

TuneIn link:


Disclaimer: Do not use this as a life-saving source of information. There is a delay between the actual radio and the stream that you receive. Also there could be an internet or power outage which disables the feed. Make sure you have a real weather radio that is programmed for your area.

Technical information: The stream is powered by a RTL-SDR v3 dongle hooked up to a Raspberry Pi computer. It uses the RTL-Airband software to connect to an internet server which hosts the audio.

For more information about the transmitter and coverage information, please check out the WXJ-76 website from the National Weather Service.

For the full list of NOAA weather radio audio streams, check out the following website.